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While “DON JUAN” was masquerading as a “FRESHMAKER” on “LONG ISLAND”, “MARGARITA” (who always was a bit partial to “LA DOLCE VITA”) was getting “RUSTY NAILS” from playing “HIGH BALLS” with “PIPO” in the “GOLDEN CADILLAC”.

After 17¾ “PINA COLADAs” “MAI TAI” could only simulate an “ORGASM” and apologized to “WHITE RUSSIAN” with a “COCONUT KISS”.

Jealous of “NEGRONI”, who was comfortably enjoying a cigar in the lounge, “HAMUDI” persuaded “ALEXANDER” to deal him a “SHOOTING STAR”.

If you didn’t understand what that was all about, then why not pay us a visit and create your own unique yarn with our unique selection of delicious cocktails, long drinks, shooters and an exquisite range of whiskeys.

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